Client – Invoice

Open uninvoiced items for either the contact, or the contacts’ patients as shown in the tab uninvoiced.

When you click preview invoice after adding items to a patient you will de directed to the tab uninvoiced. From this page you can create an invoice.

If the client has nothing uninvoiced, you will see “There are no open items“: This text is also displayed when there are uninvoiced items for a patient with block invoicing.

If there is one (or more) uninvoiced products you will see the products; It is possible that the products are spread out over multiple tabs (these would be next to the tab default).

Tab Title

The table title will show the Invoice Type; Default is selected if no other types have been defined (Invoice types can be defined based on species or client in Settings > general settings > invoice types), and the total due against the invoice.

Invoice Date

The date of the invoice.


You may enter a description for the invoice if you wish. This description is printed on the invoice (information for insurance company for example).

Remarks for debtorslist

Enter any invoice comments here, they will be shown in the client file and in the debtor list (extra > financial > debtors). This field could contain information about payments (payment plan).

Total Invoice

The total amount due.

Split collection of invoice in parts

Invoices can be collected in parts with direct debit (extra > financial > monthly accounts > bank collections > add new bank collection). Fill in the number of payments and the system will divide the total over the number of payments. See the example below.

Make Invoice

Click make invoice to create an invoice for all products shown in displayed tab (other tabs have to be invoiced separately).

Select payment method

(Additional payments types can be added in extra > financial > ledger scheme)

Paydesk & PIN (Credit/Debit Card)

If the customer is paying in cash, select paydesk. If the customer is paying by card, select PIN.


Select the date of the payment. By default the current date will be shown.

Round & Book Difference

If you wish to round the payment, select this check-box. The difference will be booked to a special ledger for payment differences.


The full amount of the invoice will be shown, but under (or over) payments can be made; just enter the amount the customer wishes to pay.

Payment type

The payment type will default to the option you chose on the previous screen.


If relevant, you may enter a description for the payment. This is useful when partial payments are being made.

Print direct

Selecting Print Direct will attempt to print the invoice (or receipt) directly without a print-preview.


Clicking save will save the payment.

Save & Print Invoice

Save and print will save the payment, and give you the option to print the invoice.

Save & Print Receipt

Save and print will save the payment, and give you the option to print a receipt.

Save & Open Till

Save and open till will save the payment, and open the cash drawer of the till.

No Payment

If the customer will pay later, select No Payment.


The general section details all the products which have been added to the client (not the patient). Examples are: administration costs, subscriptions. Products may have been added at different times (tracked via the date column), or with different discounts.

When products are added to a specific animal or herd, the name of the animal or herd is displayed. When microchip numbers are available these are also displayed (required by insurance companies).

Add product (to a specific animal, herd or general)

While the invoice is at this stage you can add extra products. Click add product, and follow the add product process. Product can also be added in the patientfile (of clientfile) with the product button.

Create Part Invoice

If you have several products to invoice, Create part invoice allows you to select which products to invoice. Simply tick the appropriate check-boxes for each product (per animal/herd), then click create part invoice which will transfer you to the payment screen, where you can complete payment.

Add Product (for another animal/herd or client)

You can also add a product to this invoice by selecting either the client, or a patient, then clicking the add product button.

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