How do I filter specific activities in the patient or client file?

When dealing with regular visitors, client or patient histories will become extensive and it will be difficult to find particular info in either the client or patient file, that’s why Animana enables you to filter the client and patient files for specific activities such as invoices or notes.

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Open a client or patient file, at the top you will see which types of activities are shown by default. For the client file it will look like the following:

    For the patient file it will be slightly different:

  2. Filtering on one specific activity can be done by first clicking Unselect All:

  3. Now select one of the activities that you would like to filter.
    In the following example the “Appointments” box is ticked, which will show all the appointments linked to this patient file:

More about this

Filtering on other

With the filter option “Other” the following activities will be displayed on the client and patient file:

  • Consult
  • Task
  • Combiprotocol
  • Admittance
  • Client order
  • Estimate
  • Insurance claim
  • Respiration
  • Visit form
  • Surgery
  • Lab result
  • Dental
  • Care package
  • Attachment
  • all other items that don’t have their own checkbox

In a future software release, we will be providing some items in the ‘other’ filter; their own checkbox for filtering.


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