One-time change management of existing Pet Health Plans for the 3.20 release

Due to the changes rolled out in the 3.20 release there are some things you need to be aware if you are using Pet Health Plans. In this release IDEXX Animana introduced the functionality of auto renewing plans.

The following applies to all of your existing plans already created and those plans attached to patients.

Before you start

  • IDEXX Animana 3.20 release will be between 3rd December 2018 – 7th December 2018,  depending on your server. With the 3.20 release you should note the following:
    • All existing plans will be automatically set to auto-renew at plan level – ( Animana menu: extra > products > health plans )
    • All existing plans at plan level will have a 12 month auto-renewal duration set, which cannot be changed to another duration, for now.
    • For existing plans at the plan level; it will be possible to change the plan from auto renewal : ‘yes’, to auto-renewal ‘no’.
    • For existing plans at the plan level, the max quantities defined in the rules and the Price Groups for the plan will not be changed in the 3.20 release, but of course as per normal they can be changed by you.
    • For existing plans at patient level, the PHP baskets will not be modified in anyway. i.e. Max and already used quantities are not changed.
    • At and after 3.20 roll out – Any changes made to plans at plan level, will also translate those changes to that plan attached to the patient.

Take action based on the following distinctions

Distinction A

If you have specific Puppy plans or Kitten plans, you might want to go to extra > products > health plans > and change those plans to auto-renew = ‘no’ . This means at the patient level where these plans are attached, they will not auto-renew when those plans are due to end. (Changes you make at plan set up level apply to that plan attached to the patient as well)

Distinction B

Depending on the current duration you have set for plans attached to patients, you may want to take action or not. When the 3.20 upgrade has reached your account we can define this by the following 2 duration distinctions:

  1. At 3.20 roll out – Patients whose currently attached plans end within one year, will have their individual plans set to auto-renew, starting at the end date you had already defined when originally linking the plan to the patient the first time. (Unless you have since changed the plan at plan level to not auto-renew)GOOD! In this scenario, the existing basket quantity and potential subscription applied is valid until the current plan ends, and will auto-renew for a duration of 12 months (defined by the plan level) after it ends with a new basket. You will only need to manage the subscription(billing) of the renewal separately, as usual.
    Example: Patient has plan start date 01/10/2018 – End date: 30/09/2019 (12 month plan) and you get 3.20 on 3rd December 2018. The current plan will end as normal on the 30/09/2019 and the same plan will start again based on the auto-renew status; on the 01/10/2019. (Because all existing plans will get a 12 month duration as default and are set to auto-renew unless you stated otherwise).
  2. At 3.20 roll out – All existing plans that currently have an end date beyond one year – will be shortened to end 12 months from the day you got the release. (i.e. the end date of the plan at patient level will be changed to end in 12 months from when you got 3.20) They will also be set to auto-renew after their new end date. (Remember that the plan at plan level has a duration at 12 months and is set to auto-renew ‘yes’)

    Example: Patient has plan start date 01/10/2018 – End date: 28/02/2020 (18 month plan) and you get 3.20 on 3rd December 2018. We will shorten that plan to end 02/12/2019. (because all existing plans at plan level will get a 12 month duration as default). Also at plan level if auto-renew is still set to ‘yes’, then that plan at patient level will start again 03/12/2019 for another 12 months. IMPORTANT: Read the second action item because you might want to take some action.

Consider what your max quantity of items was defined in your plan rules e.g for the 18 month plan. Do you need to adjust this in the rules to a new quantity to account for the new end date of the plan? Consider your billing cycle of the original plan. Do you want to match this up to the new cycle of the plan end and renewal date? You can also set the plan to auto-renew = ‘no’ and create a new fresh plan to attach to the patient.

We trust this information will help guide you managing your existing plans due to the 3.20 roll out. If you have any further questions please contact our Customer Support team.

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