Order List

The Order List shows all External (supplier) orders. It should be used to print and track product orders, and also to check product batches and expiry dates into the system when the delivery arrives.

All columns can be filtered by clicking on the column header.

Order List overview

Show Inactive

By default the Order List will only show active orders – orders which have not been received. To show inactive orders, click show inactive.


Date shows the date which the order was made.


For external orders the supplier of the products is shown.


The Number column shows the order number (if applicable).

Storage In

Storage In shows the location which the order will be delivered to.


The status column shows the status of an order;

  • New Order: The order has been created
  • Closed: The order has been


This column shows the number of different products contained in the order.


The list of extra products can be exported to PDF, CSV or Excel by clicking on the appropriate buttons.

Print an order

To print an order click print, on the appropriate row.

Editing an order

To edit an order, add batch numbers, or expiry dates, click the text on the appropriate row

The Edit Order screen

If you are logging a received delivery, enter the batch numbers and expiry date for each product.


If the order is still unfulfilled and you have added or edited the products, click save.

Save and Book

If you have received a delivery and have just entered all the batch numbers and expiry dates, click Save and Book to add the products to your inventory. Note that the order will now only be shown in the Order List if you click show inactive.

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