How do I Iink VetConnect Plus with IDEXX Animana?

IDEXX Animana has an integration with VetConnect Plus (VCP) where you are able to access the test results from the patient file. This article will explain how  VCP can be linked to your IDEXX Animana account.

Before you start

  • Only users with administrator privileges are able to add the VCP credentials in Animana.
  • For these instructions you only require one set of VetConnect Plus login credentials. Even when when multiple locations are set up in Animana – only one VCP account is required to set up the module.
  • If you have multiple locations who all perform lab requests and receive results then please contact our support team who can help you set that up.

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Browse to  > General Settings > click VetConnect PLUS at the left-side of the page
  2. The page will look similar to this:

  3. Here is an explanation as to which information to enter in these fields:
    VetConnect PLUS Login username
    Enter the login username that is being used to log in to VCP.
    VetConnect PLUS Login password
    Enter the password that is being used to log in to VCP.
    Lab Account number (LIMS)
    The Lab Account number can be found on a reference lab request form or invoice.
    IDEXX account number (SAP)
    This number can also be found on an IDEXX In-house Diagnostics invoice.
  4. Once all these details are completed – click Save at the bottom of the page.

Meer hierover

How do I know if everything is set up correctly?

To see if the link between IDEXX Animana and VCP has made, start by opening a patient file that has a VCP result. The results are recognized because a «VCP» link will be made available:

Klik on the VCP link and View Results In VC+:

This will open a new window in your browser showing the test results in the online VCP environment. Please contact our Support team in case an error message is displayed.

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