How do I perform a stock count at the end of a book year?

It is important to know what products you have in stock. Not just so you know what to order, but also because you (and your accountant) need to know the total value of your stock (e.g. to close the book year), and the value in case of accidents. A stock count is typically performed at the end of a book year. This article explains how you can do your stock count in Animana.

Warning: changes made to your stock during this process cannot be undone.

Before you start

In order to work with stock, all changes to stock must be registered in Animana (i.e. each user must register every sale, return, usage, spillage and expired product in Animana). That means that all the product settings should be correct and all subproducts need to be correctly linked to main products. When doing stock management, you are as strong as your weakest link (i.e. staff member).

Step-by-step instructions

  1.  Go to > Stock > Stock Count.
  2. You will see a list of your products and their current stock numbers in your current location.
    You can filter the list at the top by selecting a product group or location and you can search for a specific product.

    Note: only products which have stock settings are visible here. If you don’t track stock in Animana this page is empty.
  3. The current number of products in stock will be shown in the first column.
  4. Should the number of a product in stock be incorrect, you can edit the number by clicking in the field and entering the correct number. Important: When you make changes to the stock numbers, do not forget to scroll down and click Save.
    Warning: Changes made to your stock during this process cannot be undone.
    In case of stock management with batch and/or expiration dates, you should never do a manual stock count. This unlinks the quantity from the batch and/or expiration dates causing them to not automatically get cleared off the system when depleted.
  5. When you have made all the adjustments that were needed, you can export the list by clicking on one of the export options at the bottom. 

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