How do I use barcodes to scan my products?

In Animana it is possible to add products to the client or patient file, by using a barcode (EAN) scanner. This is handy in general but especially if you are trying to sell bags of pet food or products which have a lot of variations. Each product which needs to be scanned will require a specific barcode number – which needs to be added to Animana. This article will explain how to add these barcodes to your products.

Before you start

  • Note that the barcodes do not have additional information such as batch numbers or expiration dates.

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Browse tor  > Products > Products
  2. Select the product that you would like to add the barcode information for.
  3. Click the tab Order Info

  4. Use the barcode-field to enter the unique barcode number:

    Or as an alternative, point your mouse in the barcode field and scan the barcode of the product so Animana can automatically save it for you:

  5. You will automatically return to the product list.
  6. Press F5 on your keyboard to refresh the product database.

When you want to add a product to a patient or client file, simply click Product and scan the product. Animana will automatically retrieve the information listed against the product.

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