Can I cancel my Animana account?

Perhaps one day you want or need to cancel your Animana account. Of course, we are sorry to lose you as a customer, but we will do everything we can to make sure these last processes run smoothly.

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If you have a complaint that is making you consider cancelling your account, we would like the opportunity to discuss this and look for an appropriate solution together. Filing a complaint can be done via your account manager, our Customer Support Team or via this online form.

Account closure always takes place as of the first working day of the calendar month of closure. You can find our notice period in our general terms and conditions.

On this page, we will explain the options relating to account closure and the process you will go through. Which closure option suits you best depends on your personal situation.

Option 1: Close your account and retain access

With this option, the account will become an “admin account” and will remain available for viewing. Only one user with administration permissions will remain available. No more sales can be recorded, and no more sales invoices can be created. Connections to third parties will be removed and users will be archived and will have no access.

This option is suitable for practices that want to keep their patient and client data available, or if accounts still need to be closed.

A fixed price per month is charged for keeping the data available and secure. If the database size exceeds 10GB, the usual storage charges will also apply.

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If our checks show turnover is registered in an admin account, our normal fee will be charged.

Option 2: Close your account and receive a data archive

This option will permanently close your account. Five working days after we close your account, you will receive a secure archive file containing all your data. This file cannot be read without technical knowledge and special software. The file complies with the rules set by the tax authorities regarding the retention period and should be kept to comply with local regulations and retention policies.

This option is suitable for people who no longer need the Animana data and where accounting has already been completed. For example, after the sale of a practice or when closing an admin account (as described in option 1 above). This type of closure is not suitable for people who still require their data in a readable format, for example, to close the accounts or produce annual figures.

The provision of this one-time archive file, after the permanent closure of your account, is free of charge.

Need more information? Please book a call with one of our account managers via this link.

Option 3: Close your account and transfer data

This option is chosen if the data needs to be transferred to another party, for example to another veterinary practice with Animana, or the switch to another software provider.

Generally, when transferring data, you will need several versions of your database on different dates, so that the other party can test and properly process this data. With the exception of an Animana-to-Animana conversion, we will transfer these versions to you as the responsible data processor. You will be responsible to ensure that the data is securely transferred to any other parties. After the data transfer, you can choose to maintain the Animana account (option 1 above), or a permanent closure (option 2 above).

Providing a single archive after permanently closing your account is free of charge. The provision of additional database versions, before the account is closed, will incur a cost per version.

Need more information? Please book a call with one of our account managers via this link.

The process

Once you know which of the above options best suits your situation, you can start the closure process. Of course, data security is of paramount importance, and we make sure the closure process complies with GDPR.

As a first step, you will need to digitally give your notice via this form.

After receiving your form submission, we will instruct our data and billing teams to get started. We will do our best to meet your requested date for closure and/or data delivery and to make your cancellation as smooth as possible. If we are unable to meet the deadline, we will work with you to identify the best alternative.

For permanent account closures, you will receive your data archive within five working days of the first working day of the month of closure. You will receive a link to the data file and a password to securely access the data. For security reasons, both will be available for a limited time and will need to be requested again if the data have not been viewed within the set time. Once accessed, you can download the data and store it securely locally.

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Please note that due to data protection regulations, we are not allowed to keep your database longer than necessary. Our internal guidelines stipulate that we permanently deleted your data 90 days after the closing and/or transfer of the data. At this time, your data will no longer be available to us and is permanently destroyed. You must therefore ensure that you have successfully downloaded and validated your data file and have securely stored it before the 90-day period expires. After this period has expired, your data cannot be retrieved by us.

We will ensure that you are reminded, via the contact details you have provided, to review and save your data.

If after permanent closure and after receiving and downloading the data, you still need an Animana or admin account, a new account can be created with the data you received and saved. The costs involved will depend on your practice data and timescales.

If you have any questions about cancelling an account, please contact one of our account managers via this link.

Cancel my Animana account

If you wish to process and cancel your Animana account, please complete this form.

Updated on 24 October 2023

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