How do I create a health plan subscription product?

A Pet Health Plan (PHP) is similar to a subscription that you have at the gym. With a Pet Health Plan, you collect a monthly fee from a pet owner which covers certain services and products in your veterinary practice, as defined in the subscription. This article will explain how to create a Pet Health Plan subscription product in Animana – you will need to create this in order to invoice clients for their monthly PHP subscription payment.

Before you start

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Go to > Products > Products > Add Service.

  2. Select the product group that you want to add this PHP product to.
  3. Give the PHP product a name. In our example, we named it ‘PHP Cat monthly fee’.

  4. If you wish the client’s invoice to display an alternate (customer-friendly) product name or description, you may use the field “invoice text”. When you leave this field empty, the information from the field “name” is printed on the invoice.
  5. Enter the price that you want to invoice your subscribers with monthly in the field “sales price”.

  6. Click Save.

More about this

Reminders for the product Health Plan

Once the product for the Health Plan has been created, if you wish, you can choose to add a reminder in the tab Reminder. These can be used to notify the client of their monthly fee being debited or to remind them to renew their subscription or to invite the client for the half-year checkup, etc. It is also possible to add multiple reminders.

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