Learning Path: Pet Health Plan

Get your patients on a Pet Health Plan!

By providing preventative care for your patients, you will ensure that their health will never be forgotten. But sometimes care might be expensive as well, so that’s why Animana offers your clients a pet health plan where they can receive discounts on treatments and products. 

Please note that the setup needs to happen in a specific order, so don’t deviate from the path that we have laid out for you! The steps can be found in the flowchart below:

Learning materials

We have split the content for the Pet Health Plan in two sections. First, you need to make sure that your health plan has been set up, the left column will help you with that. Secondly, you also need to know how to use the Pet Health Plan, in the right column you will find all articles related to that. 

Setting up a Pet Health Plan (PHP)

Using a Pet Health Plan

Step 1: Create a PHP (name)

Step 2: Create a markup for your PHP

Step 3: Set up price groups and link them to your PHP

Step 4: Add products to your PHP

Step 5: Create a PHP subscription product

  1. How do I add a health plan to a patient?
  2. How do I invoice the health plan?
  3. How do I automatically renew a health plan subscription?
  4. How do I stop a health plan?

Do you need a specialist to guide you?

  If you are unsure if you are setting up the pet health plan in the correct manner, consider getting in touch with our specialists. Animana offers a wide variety of consulting and training on numerous topics and the pet health plan is one of them. Click on the button below to learn more. 

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