How do I run and export an Invoice Details (Excel Export) report?

The Invoice Details report (formerly known as Excel Export)  can be used to identify products sold per postcode and filtered by analysis group, which allows the benchmarking of sold products. This article will explain how to run and export the report.

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Click  > Reports
  2. Click Invoice Details (Excel Export):

  3. Select the date range by adjusting the start and/or end date:

  4. Select from which location the data should be shown. You can also select all locations:

  5. Click Show Results and the report will be displayed:

  6. Scroll to the bottom of the page to export the information into an excel file:

More about this

Explanation of all the columns in the report

Here is an overview of the columns that are included in the report.

Column nameExplanation
Invoice NumberThe unique number that an invoice has been assigned in Animana.
Invoice dateThe date the invoice was created.
Invoice TypeThe Invoice Type that was used for the invoice.
Invoice (Detail) DateThe date the product was added to an invoice.
Product GroupDisplays in which product group this product resides.
ProductThe name of the sold product.
Product Registration NumberDisplays the registration number for the product that was invoiced.
Product BarcodeThe barcode number of the product.
Analysis Group 1, Analysis Group 2 and Analysis Group 3Shows in which analysis group this product has been put.
ClientDisplays which client was invoiced for this product.
PostcodeThe postcode of the listed for the client.
Client CPHShows the County Parrish Holding number for a client.
EmployeeIndicates which Animana user in your practice processed the invoice.
LocationShows at which location the product was invoiced.
Payment TypeWhich payment method was used for this invoice.
SpeciesDisplays the species of the patient.
BreedDisplays the breed of the patient.
QuantityDisplays the amount of the product that was invoiced.
Total Amount Ex VATThe total amount of sale excluding VAT. Contains applied discount and fee.
Total Amount Inc VATThe total amount of sale including VAT. Contains applied discount, fee and VAT.
Price Per Sales Unit Ex VATSales price ex VAT applied to one sales unit of a product during the sale. Doesn’t include the fee.
Price Per Sales Unit Inc VATSales price inc VAT applied to one sales unit of product during sale. Doesn’t include fee.
Total VATTotal VAT amount per sale. Includes VAT of product and fee.
VAT %Displays the applied VAT rate.
Total Cost PriceThe value in this column is based on the historical cost price of the product. It has a value of the historical cost price multiplied by the quantity of sold product. VAT is not applied here.

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