Printer settings and troubleshooting


Printers must be network ready and have to be installed and configured for use by your IT specialist/installer on each computer you want to print from. Animana prints by first generating a PDF, which is then sent to your printer. If you are unable to print a test page from your Operating System print settings, then please contact your IT specialist/installer to troubleshoot this first.

Animana does not provide printer hardware, printer connectivity or print issue (outside of Animana) troubleshooting.

Animana uses the printer names on your computer to determine which printer is used:

  • Invoices are printed to the printer with ‘standa’ in the name
  • Labels to the printer with ‘label’ in the name
  • Receipts to the printer with ‘kassa’ in the name.

The printer names can be in lowercase or uppercase. This code can be placed anywhere in the name of the printer.

This is box title

To prevent issues with silent printing or printer selection, there should only be 1 printer per type installed on your computer.

Configuring Paper Size

Paper sizes are managed in Animana under Settings > general settings > general settings > paper format

Trouble-shooting Problems with a label printer

Save a test PDF

If the labels are printed incorrectly from Animana;

  • save the label file as a PDF file
  • open this PDF file with Adobe Reader
  • print from Adobe Reader

Test PDF does not print OK

If the test PDF does not print correctly, certain settings on the computer are incorrect. These settings are outside of Animana, so please contact your systems administrator. Most likely, the problem lies with the printer driver settings, (for example the paper size).

Test PDF does print OK

If the test PDF is printed correctly from Adobe Reader but not from Animana, please contact the helpdesk.

Updated on 18 April 2023

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