Worklist – Order List

The order list allows you to track products which contacts have ordered.

Filter Order list

The order list can be filtered according to open orders or done (completed) orders.

Sort Order List

You may sort the list of orders by clicking the title in the header row of the column.

Order List overview


This is the name of the contact who placed the order (click it to view the order).


The products column shows what products the customer has ordered.


Shows any comments associated with the order.


The Ordered column gives a quick indication of whether the product has been marked as being ordered.

Client Called

This column shows whether the client has been called in relation to this order, (for example to tell them that a product has arrived in for them to collect).

Edit Order

To edit a customer order, click the name of the contact.

For more information, please see the sections Client Interactions: Product, and Extra: Stock

Export Order List

The order list can be exported in the normal ways.

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