How do I add a new transaction through Balances Cash/Bank?

Adding a new transaction via the Balance Cash/Bank page is mostly used when money needs to be added to bank accounts. This article explains how to add transactions to a ledger.

Before you start

  • This article is part of a larger track which explains how to use the Balance Cash/Bank page. If you want to learn more, start here.
  • Always make sure to choose the book year you want to make the payment for:

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Browse to  > Financial > Balance Cash/Bank.
  2. Decide to which bank book you want to add the transaction to, then click Add New Transaction

  3. On the next page you can filter the entries:
    …or you can start a keyword search at the top left corner:

  4. Invoice payments need to be registered, so click on the corresponding invoice. The amount that needs to be added will be entered automatically on the right-hand side. Always double-check the amount paid and the amount that Animana shows in the amount field. Click Save for this transaction to be completed:

    Also, note that there is a “no.” field. This allows you to record a reference number, such as the bank statement number. This will allow for easy grouping of payments.

  5. The transaction will be added to the table below: Notice that the left column; “Nr”, has a number listed, this overview is currently showing all the transactions that have been listed under the number 31.

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