How do I add a start amount to a ledger?

Sometimes, it is necessary to create a new ledger, and in such cases, the starting balance for that account is typically set to 0, and no start amounts need to be configured after creation. However, when transitioning to a new book year, the process is different.

At the end of each calendar year (December 1st), Animana automatically generates an empty book year for the upcoming year. In a newly created book year, all ledgers will be copied, but the balance for that new year is empty. Animana automatically copies the closing balance of cash ledgers with the payment method ‘cash’ from December 31st to January 1st, but only if the location is entered in the ledger details. For all other payment ledgers, the start amount must be manually entered, as described below.

Once you have received approval from your accountant, the closing balance from the previous year can be copied to the ledger scheme of the new year. However, your accountant may not have this information readily available on January 1st. To begin processing financial information in the new year right away, you can enter start amounts in Animana in advance. This article explains how to set a start amount for a ledger.

Before you start

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You need permission to be able to edit financial data. Permissions can be adjusted by practice administrators in   > General Settings > Role Management.

Step-by-step instructions

You can choose whether to manually input start amounts in the ledger scheme or, in the case of a calendar year change, copy the closing balances (with approval from your accountant). The two scenarios are described separately below.

1. Manually input start amounts

  1. Go to  > Financial > Ledger Scheme.
  2. At the top, select the calendar year you want to edit. The currently open calendar year is displayed in bold.
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    Always double-check that you are working in the desired calendar year before proceeding.
  3. Click on the ledger number for which you want to enter a start amount.
  4. Enter the amount in the “start amount” field.
  5. Click Save.

Repeat these steps for the desired ledgers.

2. Copy closing balances as start amounts

If the previous calendar year is completed, you can copy the closing balance from that year as the start amount for the current year. Here’s how:

  1. Ensure that the closing balances are accurate (verify this with your accountant).
  2. Update your financial data from the previous year. Go to > Financial > Balance.
  3. You might see the notification “Financial must be updated” at the top. In that case, click the button Start Job. You will see a progress report.
  4. Once this task is complete, click on Ledger Scheme in the left menu.
  5. Click on the new calendar year at the top.
  6. Scroll all the way down the page and click the Copy Start Amount Ledger Numbers button.
  7. You will see a table with the balances of various ledgers.
    • The “Debit Prev” column shows the closing balance of the ledger in the previous calendar year.
    • The “Debit Now” column shows the current/manual entry of the start amount for the new calendar year.
      Review the amounts, and if necessary, enter the correct start amount in the “Debit” column.
  8. Click Save at the bottom.
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As long as a calendar book year has not been officially closed, you can make changes to previous calendar book years. If these changes affect the current calendar book year, remember to adjust the start amounts for the current calendar book year.

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Updated on 5 October 2023

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