How do I copy a protocol?

Animana offers the ability to create and use protocols, this article will focus on the task of copying a (custom) protocol. This is helpful when you have created or used an extensive protocol and you want to use it as a base for a new protocol.

Before you start

  • Please note that only a user with administrative privileges can access the custom protocol page.
  • In order for custom protocols to work, our Customer Support team will need to activate it. Please contact us to do so.
  • If the protocol is marked by a “Master account”, you will not be able to copy this protocol. In this case, please contact your Animana practice administrator to make changes to a protocol.

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Browse to  > General settings > Custom protocols
  2. A copy icon appears at the right side of the protocol. Click on the -icon.
  3. A pop up will appear confirming the copy action. Click OK:

  4. By default, the copied protocol will use the same name but will add the word ‘COPY’ at the end.

    Click on the newly copied protocol top edit it.

  5. You can now change the name of the protocol as well as other fields

  6. Also, make sure that this protocol is active by ticking the active box. (By default, the new copy of the protocol is set to not active) :

  7. All other fields are editable, so the protocol can be modified as desired.
  8. Click Save to save the changes to the protocol.


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