How do I correct a payment?

While processing a payment, the wrong payment option might accidentally be recorded. This article will explain how you can correct a payment.

Before you start

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You need permission to be able to edit invoices and payments. Permissions can be defined by practice administrators in General Settings > Role Management.

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Search for the corresponding client.
  2. Click on the tab “Client File”.
  3. Click on the invoice that you need to correct the payment for.
  4. Click on the tab “Payments”.

  5.  Click on the payment that needs to be corrected.
  6. Change the payment type to the correct one.
  7. If needed, you can also edit the other fields (payment date, amount, description, etc…).
  8. Click Save.
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If you are performing this correction because you are doing a cash count at the end of the day, then do not forget to adjust the time of cash count in the day overview to a minute or so later than the time this correction was executed and click Save again.

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Updated on 31 January 2022

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