How do I place client orders?

It is possible to generate a list of products that need to be ordered using Animana. The order list can be a combination of products where the stock level has gone under your predetermined minimum stock level, and also products that are manually added due to client orders. This article explains how to manually add products to the order list for a client.

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Open the patient file of the patient for whom you want to place an order. Although we call it a client order, the order is associated with the corresponding patient (if a client has several pets, it is important to know for which pet the ordered product is).
  2. Open the drop-down menu in the patient file by clicking on it.

  3. Select “client order” from the drop-down menu. The next screen appears:

  4. Check if the fields “date”, “user” and “delivery location” are correct. These fields are filled in automatically according to your current login, but you can change the information manually.
  5. “Notes” are for internal use and are displayed in the patient file. They are not printed in communication to the client. For example, you can enter a comment here, such as “Owner will pick this up on [date]”
  6. Then search for a product in the usual way; either by first selecting the product group in the first drop-down menu and then selecting the desired product in the second drop-down menu, or start typing the product name.
  7. If necessary, adjust the quantity in the first field. By default, it is set to “1.0”.
  8. If you would like to give a discount on this product, please fill in the discount percentage. If you do not want to give a discount, leave this field blank.
  9. Click Add Product to add the product to the order list.

  10. You will return to the patient file. Repeat these steps if necessary.

In the patient file, your order is displayed as follows:

You can see in red that this order is still open, which means that it has not yet been processed. If you want to make any changes to the order, click on this line to edit the order.

If you want to order several products for one customer, you need to add them one by one. You can only add one product at a time to the customer order. The best thing to do is to place them in the same order and not to create separate orders, so that when the order is picked up, you can place all the products on the invoice at once.

More about this

How do I delete a client order?

If you would like to delete a client order, click on   next to the corresponding order in the patient file. To be sure, always double check with the person who processes the orders that this order has not just been processed.

How can I tell if a client order has been processed?

The person who places the orders will mark the client order as ordered once the order has been placed. You can see this in the following places:

  • > Client Order List

    Above you can see that the order for Libby Burrows is ordered because there is a checkmark in the column “Ordered”.

  • In the patient file, by opening the order (by clicking on it). You will then see that the box “ordered” is ticked.

  • > Stock > Create Order
    Click on “Products Requested for Clients” at the top to unfold the list of client orders.

    Next to each order, a green check mark shows whether this order has been placed or not (checkmark = ordered).

How do I indicate that the client has been called?

When a product is delivered to you, you will call (or text) the client to say that the order can be picked up, so that another colleague doesn’t also make the call, follow these steps;

  1. Go to > Client Order List and click on the owner of the order in question. This opens the details for this client order.
  2. Check the box “client called”.
  3. Click Save.

You will return to the patient file of this patient.

How can I invoice the client order?

If the client comes to pick up the order and you want to invoice it, proceed as follows:

  1. Go to  > Client Order List and click on the owner of the order in question. This opens the details for this client order.
  2. Click on Invoice Items at the bottom of the ordered products.

  3. Check if all items are on the invoice.
  4. Click on Preview Invoice.

  5. Then click Create Invoice.
  6. Process the payment and click Save.
  7. Go to the patient file and click on the order.
  8. Check “Done”.
  9. Click Save.

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