How do I view all Pet Insurance claims?

In the centralised claim screen you will see all claims that have been saved or sent. Go to Extra > Financial > Insurance Claims. Several columns can be sorted ascending and descending by clicking on the column header. By default the table is sorted in descending order of ‘Last Updated’.

The sorting on the following columns will be disabled temporarily: Insurance, Client/Patient, Veterinarian and User.

When clicking on next to Total w/ VAT you will be able to hide and show columns.

Furthermore you can enter the page number you want to see and you can change the number of items displayed.

By clicking one of the lines in the table you will be sent to the insurance claim directly and, depending of the status of the claim, you will be able to edit it.

Future enhancements

For the near future we plan to add some features to the centralised claim screen:

  • Sorting on all columns
  • Filters on the table
  • Export of the table to Excel

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