How do I set up and manage Appointment Groups?

This article is meant for those that have the permission to change the settings of the Appointment page(s) in Animana. Before we continue, please make sure  you have read the article  “An overview of the Appointment Groups, Appointment Columns and Appointment Types” and “How to set up and manage Appointment Columns”.  After following through with this article you will be able to:

  • Know why and when you should use Appointment Groups
  • Creating new Appointment Groups
  • Edit & removing existing Appointment Groups

The Appointment Groups overview

These settings can be found by clicking on the  icon in the top right side of the screen and clicking on General Settings. On the left side of the screen you will see several links that lead to the settings page of different functionalities. For now you may click on Appointment Groups:

Appointment Groups are being used in order to manage multiple Appointment Columns at the same time. These groups can be based on different clinic locations (branches) and/or the types of animals you treat.

On the first page you will see an overview of all the existing Appointment Groups which looks similar to this:


This overview provides information on five different columns:

This displays the name of your Agenda Groups. This can be used for practice locations (branches) or based on the animals you treat (think of livestock, companion animals etc)
This number will determine in which order the Agenda Group needs to show up on the Appointments Page. If multiple Appointment Groups have 0 as a sequence value, then they will be alphabetically ordered. 
Determines the default intervals between appointments and has an effect on the left side of the Appointments Page as shown below:

Start & End:
The Start & End columns displays the timeframe which your practice is open and able to take appointments.

On the right side of the overview you will also see the  icon to edit an Appointment Group and the  to delete one.

Adding a new Appointment Group

Let’s add an Appointment Group by clicking on the  icon at the left bottom corner of the overview.

Enter the Name, Sequence, Interval, Start & End for this Group. Please note that Agenda Groups can be based on Practices/Clinics or the type of Animals you treat (Livestock, Companion Animals etc).

Here is an overview of the affected functionalities in case the boxes “Display client address” , “Display client phone”, “Display category colours” and “Appointment columns” are checked:

Display client address & Display client phone:
When one of these boxes is checked, the client address and/or phone number will be visible in Appointment Pop Up when the user hovers over it:

Display Category Colours:
Every Appointment Type can be colour coded. When checking this box, the colours will be used that you have selected in the Appointment Type settings. If you leave this box unchecked Animana will use the default colours for the different status an Appointment can be in.
Appointment Columns:
When this box is checked, you will see all the available columns on the left side of the Appointments page, which enables you to check the appointment columns you want shown in the Appointment Group. Here is an example of how it looks like:

NOTE: When using this functionality, please make sure to remove any existing columns in the Appointment Group for the functionality to work correctly.

If this is your first time setting up an Appointment Group, please leave the Appointment Columns box unchecked and add existing columns manually.

Manually adding Appointment Columns can be done by selecting the respective column from the dropdown menu and clicking Add:

Appointment_Groups_Adding Columns

Once you have added the columns make sure to click on the Save button to store your settings.

Editing or removing an Appointment Group

An Appointment Group can be edited in the Appointment Group Page by simply clicking on the  icon next to the group you want to edit and the removal of a group can be done by using the  icon.

Further reading

This article belongs to a larger learning track about Appointment Settings. If this is your first time editing the settings, please follow through this track in this exact order in order to fully utilise the capabilities of the Appointment Settings:

  1. What are Appointment Groups, Columns and Types?
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