IDEXX Animana and VOIP Frequently Asked Questions

IDEXX Animana has partnered with different VoIP providers to support this new feature. You can now have instant access to the client file, just by picking up the phone – saving time, and providing a great customer experience. Customers with a supported VoIP provider can enable this feature in compatible third party software. This article will answer the most frequently asked questions related to this topic.

What does VOIP stand for?

A. It stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol, which basically means that your phone conversations happen over the internet.

How does this work?

A. This feature works via third party software. The software must be compatible and is implemented and supported by a specialist VoIP provider.

Does this development work via the API?

A. No, this feature does not work via an API.

Help! This feature has been setup but I don’t think its working properly, what do i do?

A. This feature works via third party software provided by your VoIP provider. Please contact them for further help with this.

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