Learning path: Day Overview

Getting familiar with the Day Overview feature

Throughout, or at the end of the day, you will need to check that the money in your cash drawer and card machine match up to transactions recorded in Animana. Animana produces invoices and tracks expenses throughout the day, so at the end of the day, the system expects a specific amount recorded in the cash drawer and card machine, based on the registered transactions performed in Animana. This page will guide you in the day overview and performing a cash count. To start with, you will find the process of the day overview visualised below. 

Learning materials

We have split our learning materials for the cash count and day overview in two sections. Firstly, we have listed the learning materials in chronological order on the left to make sure you are performing the cash count in the correct order and prevent any mistakes. Secondly, we have listed troubleshooting learning materials on the right to help you when you receive common errors.

Performing a cash count


  1. How do I do a cash count?
  2. How do I book a receipt?
  3. How do I book a cash transfer?
  1. How do I correct errors in the day overview?
  2. How do I correct a negative card difference?
  3. How do I correct a positive card difference?
  4. How do I correct a negative cash difference?
  5. How do I correct a positive cash difference?

Do you need a specialist to guide you?

  Performing a cash count and correcting errors in day overviews can feel like a daunting undertaking, especially, if you are inexperienced and on your own. In order to help you, we have specialists in-house that can provide guidance and expertise.


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