IDEXX VetLab Station Integration – Test Results

Once tests have been run on your IVLS, they will be immediately sent to Animana, and will be available in the corresponding patient file.


When your IVLS system has completed running tests, a notification will be sent to Animana. Depending on who was set to receive notifications of results, users will be notified by an Erlenmeyer flask icon () in the top-right of the header bar.

To view the result, click the icon to be taken to the messaging area of Animana, where you will see all your messages, including the new lab result:

Clicking the result will open a result preview, from which there is a button to take you straight to the patient file.

Results in the Patient File

Results are previewed in the patient file, where you have quick actions to email, print, or delete the results, (), or you can download the PDF, which was generated by the IVLS ().

Add (or edit) result notes

If you wish to add a note to a patients results, click the result preview line.

A new screen will load where you can add a note (don’t forget to click Save).

Result notes viewed in the patient file:


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