Insured Patients and admin fees

Select whether Insured Patients are charged admin fees by Invoice Type

When working with insured patients, you can now define by whether they will be charged admin fees. These settings are done through via InvoiceType

  1. Go to Extra > General Settings > Invoice Type and select an existing invoice template you wish to define.
  2. Select the second tab ‘Monthly Invoicing’, then you may choose whether to charge via the “no admincosts if patient is insured” checkbox.
    image2014-11-21 13-41-44

    • If this option is ticked, an invoice associated with an insured animal will not include administration costs as long as:
      1. the invoice is created via extra > financial > monthly accounts > monthly accounts
      2. the patient is marked as insured in the Patient Data screen
        image2014-11-21 13-42-43
    • If the option is not ticked, insured patients will include administration costs in their invoice.
Updated on 31 January 2022

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