Appointment columns

If needed, you can create additional appointment columns, for example for another examination room, or for a new employee.

Add a new Appointment Column

Go to Settings > General Settings > Appointment Columns. To add an appointment column click .


Enter a name for the new Appointment column. This could be an employee name or a room name for example.


The number defines the sequence in which the columns appear in your screen. The lowest number will be on the left.


You may assign default availabilities for each appointment column, for example if this column relates to an employee you could enter their work hours.

On a Monday this will result in:

The white area shows when Agenda van John is available, the red areas are not available. This doesn’t block you from adding any appointments but it will be used for the availabilities in online appointment booking.

To add an availability, click add row.

Enter available times

Enter the start time, end time, and the day(s) of availability for this Appointment Column.

Note that for more sophisticated columns you can add multiple available times – just click add row for each time slot.

Make sure you either add a start and end time for “everyday” OR you add a start and end time for each day separately. If you do both, you will have a conflict in the column, which will especially affect the online appointment booking.

Save the Appointment Column

Once you are happy with the appointment column settings, click save (or cancel).

Edit an Appointment Column

To edit an appointment column, click the appropriate row
You will then be taken to the edit appointment column view. Make your desired changes and click save to confirm the changes (or cancel).

Delete an Appointment Column

To delete a column click the red trash icon on the appropriate row.

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