Add expenses (purchase invoices)

To add an expense go to:

  • Extra  (…)* > financial > add expenses
  • Choose ‘add new invoice’
  • Select the date
  • Select the supplier**
  • Fill in the invoice number from you supplier
  • Fill in the total amount due including VAT and discounts
    • If the automatic fill next line option is marked the total will automatically be added to the first line. You can turn off this option by removing the check-mark. If you wish to turn this off permanently please contact our Customer Support.
  • Choose the cost type and fill in the amounts. You can search on ledger number or ledger name.
    • When the automatic fill function is used simply correct the amount (and/or VAT). The remainder will then be moved to the next line when you click your cursor elsewhere in the page (but not the save button).
  • If the total at the bottom matches the total amount you can save the expense.                                                                                                                                                                     Differences may be caused by rounding off when VAT is calculated. To correct this simply correct the VAT so the totals at the top and bottom match.
  • If you are using this supplier for the first time you will see a pop-up with the question if you want to save these ledgers with this supplier. If you choose yes these ledger will automatically filled in when you add the next expense for this supplier. (Saved ledgers can be changed in the suppliers file.)
  • The purchase invoice number created by Animana is displayed at the top of the page. You can write this on the invoice. This number can be used to easily find this expense in Animana, but you can also search by supplier, supplier invoice number or amount.

* Extra menu in at the top of the Animana page:  

** Suppliers are contacts in Animana. To add a supplier go to: new client  > fill in the company name (other information can be added if desired) and mark ‘supplier’ as yes. Suppliers have a file just like clients. You can view the contact information or invoices at any time (it depends on the user role settings if all users can see this information). You can use the search option in the top left corner to find your suppliers. To do this click the arrow to change the search option to supplier.

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