How do I email the patient history to a client or referring practice?

In Animana it is possible to send the patient’s history via email. Whether that be directly to the owner or a referring (or new) veterinarian. This article will explain how to do that.

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Open a patient file.
  2. Tick the boxes in the patient history that need to be emailed:

    Alternatively, the box by the “Print History” button can be ticked in order to select everything in the patient history:

  3. Click the Email History button at the top.

  4. Optional: select a template message you want to use:

  5. In the “from” field, the email address of your practice will show up (according to the email address that has been entered in your General Settings). You can change this email address by simply adding/editing the email address in this field:

    Or, you can click on the dropdown and make a selection of the email addresses that have been set up in your account:

  6. In the “To” field, the address of the client will be shown (as entered in the “client data” tab):

    If you wish to send the history of this patient to a referring vet for example, you can click on the dropdown menu and select the referring vet under the “referring vet” section:

  7. Enter a subject line.
  8. Enter more information in the message field.
  9. Click Send at the bottom of the page to send the email.

More about this

What can I do when the exported patient history PDF is too large to send as an attachment?

If a patient’s history contains a lot of information the file size of the PDF can become very large. This might cause an issue when the file needs to be sent to an email address that is linked to an email provider that offers its services for free – such as or These providers usually have a file size limit, which means that emails with large attachments that will exceed that limit will not be received by the recipient. In that instance you could consider using the “print history” feature and saving the history in a PDF to your computer. Then you can send the history through a fileshare platform that supports larger files.

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DISCLAIMER: Please note that Animana/IDEXX cannot be held liable for any loss or theft of personal identifiable information when you use a third party platform.

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Updated on 21 July 2022

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