How do I send a Text Message?

Amongst many options in Animana to communicate with Pet Owners, you are also able to use Text Messages to inform them. An easy and quick way to communicate. With this article we will focus on how to send a single Text Message to an owner.

Before you start

  • Make sure that you have adjusted the “text message sender” to the name of your clinic in    > General Settings > General Settings > Mailing
    The name in this field will be used as the sender’s name for your text messages. Here is an example:

  • Text Messages can only be send to clients that have a valid mobile number listed on the Client Data page.

  • In order to add a mobile number, search for the client > open the “Client Data” tab > Add a phone number in the “Phone And Fax Numbers” section

Step-by-step instructions

The Text Message functionality can be access through the Patient or Client file. Follow these next steps:

  1. Open any Client or Patient File. In case you are sending a text message through the patient file, open the drop-down menu and click sms:
    If you are sending a text message via the client file, click on the Text Message button:

  2. On the next page you will be able to write your message. The first field relates to the mobile number on the Client Data page:

  3.  The second field will enable you to select a template. If you want to use a template, please create one first. More instructions can be found in this article.

  4. In the third field you are able to write your message:

    Please note that you are able to send long text messages that are limited to 1377 characters. While this long text message will appear as one, in the background Animana will send multiple messages at once.

    Note: The character limit will change to 603 if you use one or multiple special characters such as œ, ©, õ.

    The character limit per text message will be displayed at the bottom right corner, as will the amount of text messages it will take to send this one message.

  5. Once you are done, click on Send and the message will be send to the client.

More about this

How to see if a Text Message has been sent

Once the Text Message has been sent, it will be added to the Client/Patient file as shown below:

If it was not sent, it will not be displayed in the client file.

Note: You are not charged for unsent sms/text messages.

Note: You are billed per SMS part sent. i.e. if your one text message required 2 SMS parts to send, you are billed for 2 SMS.

You can access Extra > Mailing > Overview Sent Text Messages which will give you an overview of all the Text Messages that have been sent, or not sent as well as the SMS count for each single text message that was sent:

The main reason for a message not being sent would be for the phone number used not being correctly formatted. Please confirm that the mobile phone number is entered completely and correctly in the Client Data. For example; if it is an international mobile phone number, then you should add the international dialling code as well e.g. +44 7########.

There is a very small chance that a message is not sent because of certain uncommon characters that were possibly entered into the text field. These are highly unlikely to occur.

Why does my first message have a character limit of 160 or 70 and the subsequent ones lower?

If you are planning on sending a message to a client, please note that the first message will have a character limit of 160.  For users that are using special characters such as œ, ©, õ, the limit will be 70.

If your first SMS part exceeds the 160 character limit, it will roll over to allow more characters, but it will have a reduced character limit. In this example you will see that the user has exceeded the 160 character limit, which is causing Animana to create a second text message with a 145 character limit:

The reason for this is some of the data of the second message will be used in order to merge the two text messages into one. Note that this will happen once you start writing a text message that is longer than 160 characters. Ultimately you can use 1377 Characters in total when using normal characters in your text message.

If you are using characters such as œ, ©, õ, note that the different character limits apply. The first message in this case will have a limit of 70 characters and the following messages 66. Ultimately you can use 603 Characters in total when you have used special characters in your text message.

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