Animana Hardware and Software Requirements

IDEXX Animana is a web-based application built on the same technology used by millions of websites globally. Animana will run smoothly on any current device, such as desktop computers, laptops and smartphones, provided you have access to an internet connection with sufficient speed.

Please read further to make sure your practice complies with the requirements from Animana.


The guidelines in this section below outline our current hardware-related recommendations. Currently, hardware and system management, including networking and hardware installation, is outside the scope of existing services. Please consult your IT specialist/provider or hardware vendor if you are purchasing new hardware. Please consider outsourcing if you have limited (or no) hardware or system administration knowledge.

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Important for New Practices: Please ensure your (new) hardware is installed and configured for use at least two weeks before your live date. This gives you (and your IT specialist) time to test your network and hardware with Animana (this should include the networking of printers where applicable).

System Specifications for Laptop and Desktop computers

Hard diskNo specific requirements for Animana.
MemoryRequirements will depend on the computer, operating system and additional software you use on the workstation. 4GB or more is recommended.
CPUWe recommend a 64-bit operating system. Intel Core recommended. We have seen Celeron and Atom processors work less well when Animana is used on the computer along with other applications (email, documents etc.).
Portsperipherals and third party laboratory equipment may require that the computer has one or more physical communication ports. Please check with your analyser provider what connection options are available.
Screen resolution1920×1080px (Full HD) or higher is supported. A lower screen resolution may result in suboptimal Animana functionality. Click here to find your current resolution.
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Terminal servers and terminals are not recommended due to their resolution and processor limitations. A Windows 2012 server can be used, but ‘thin clients; (i.e. computers without a hard drive) will typically run slowly through the browser.


Please read further to learn which other software Animana requires to run smoothly.

Which operating systems are compatible with IDEXX Animana?

  • Windows 10 updated to 21H2 or above
  • Mac OS (latest version)
  • iPhone/iPad IOS (latest version)*

* Printing experience on mobile devices may vary due to PDF creation compatibilities. You can log in to Animana on iPads and tablets; however, the experience is optimized for desktop use.

Which web browser do I need to run Animana?

Animana will run on the latest version of all modern browsers, but we strongly recommend using Google Chrome since some parts of the application are not supported by other browsers. For Apple users, Safari can work, but Firefox/Chrome is recommended.

You will find the set-up guidelines in the Related articles section below.

What other software do I need?

In addition to a web browser, Animana also requires a PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat reader to allow the printing of invoices and labels.

For X-ray imaging and in-house analysers connectivity, Java/OpenJDK also needs to be installed.

You will find the set-up guidelines for these in the Related articles section below.

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Note: Make sure all software is always up to date.

Internet and Connectivity

What are the internet speed requirements to run Animana?

IDEXX Animana only requires a basic connection to be used unless you have more specific needs. Typically, an internet connection that allows you and your staff to use common Internet sites simultaneously will be all that you need to support the use of Animana.

To determine the internet speed that is best for your practice, consider the following:

  • How many users need to simultaneously use Animana?
  • What else do you use your internet connection for?
    • For example;
      • Downloading or uploading large files
      • Image transfers (Digital images)
      • DICOM connection for medical images (Xrays, CT Scan etc…)
      • Video streaming
      • Phone conversations (VOIP, Skype etc…)

For an average practice, we recommend a minimum download speed of 4Mbps and an upload speed of 2Mbps per workstation. You can measure your current internet speed at or

Backup Internet Connection

We recommend that you have a 3G or better mobile internet service in case of broadband failure. Many routers have a failover feature built-in; just insert an active data SIM or dongle with SIM, and in case of broadband failure, the router will automatically switch to mobile data.

Alternatively, you can also set up personal WiFi hotspots using mobile phones for laptops/tablets or connect a mobile dongle via USB to each computer as a temporary solution.

Internal Network requirements

A standard wired LAN (CAT5) is recommended, but wireless (WiFi) is acceptable, assuming you have excellent coverage throughout the areas you wish to use Animana.

IDEXX VetLabStation connectivity

At least one Windows computer is necessary on the network to run special software that links the IDEXX VetLabStation lab equipment to Animana. Please keep this in mind when working in a Mac environment.

You will find a link to more information about the IVLS Settings in the Related articles section below.

Printers in Animana

Printers must be network ready and have to be installed and configured for use, by your IT specialist/installer, on each computer you want to print from. Animana prints by first generating a PDF, which is then sent to your printer. You will find the set-up guidelines for printers in the Related articles section below.

If you cannot print a test page from your Operating System print settings, please contact your IT specialist/installer to troubleshoot this first.

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Animana does not provide printer hardware, printer connectivity or print issue (outside of Animana) troubleshooting.

Standard Printers

Animana can connect to any brand/model of report printer using an A4 paper size, provided device drivers are available from the hardware manufacturer for the relevant operating system on your computer/laptop.

Note: ‘one-click’ or ‘silent printing’ – only having to click on the print icon once to both create and print the pdf document – only works in Microsoft Windows environments. In a Mac OS environment, clicking on the print icon in Animana will create, open and print the PDF, but you will need to close the PDF document manually. More information can be found in the Related articles section below.

Label Printers

Label printers need to be network-ready and should all be from the same brand/model across all your branch locations.

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Animana supports one label size, so make sure you use the same label size at all locations.

Cash Drawers

Cash drawers can be connected and operated from Animana, provided they are connected via a kick-out port off the back of a receipt printer (Epson receipt printers often have this feature).

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Updated on 6 September 2023
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