How do I add a text message template?

Animana provides multiple ways of communicating with your clients. Text messages are handy for many reasons but one of the most effective uses is to remind clients of an upcoming appointment or to send vaccination reminders. This article will explain how to create a text message template to enable you to quickly send messages.

Before you start

You need to have permissions to use the Content Designer. Please contact your administrator to obtain the permission, or if you are the administrator, make sure to assign the correct role to your account. More information about role management can be found here.

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Go to  > General Settings > Content Designer.
  2. Click on the SMS tab:

  3. Click on the -icon at the bottom of the table.
  4. Give the template a name.
  5. Give the correct Category and Context otherwise the text message will not show in the right area of Animana. More information about setting up the Category and Contexts can be found here.
  6. Enter the text you wish to send, you can also use Animana merge codes in these text messages. On the bottom-right corner you will see how many text messages and characters you are currently using:
    You can send a total of 1,377 characters (which would automatically be split across 9 messages). The character limit will change to 603 if you use one or multiple special characters such as œ, ©, õ.
    It is important to understand that once you start using merge codes in text messages, the character limit counter will disappear as shown below:

    This is because merge codes are dynamic fields which change in length depending on client/patient information. Our advice is to keep it well within the limits of the 1377 characters –  to account for the data the merge codes are adding. Consider writing a message with a maximum length of 1100 characters when you are using merge codes. For users that are using special characters such as œ, ©, õ, note that your maximum limit will be 603 characters.

  7. Click Save.

More about this

Using the correct Category and Context for your text messages

Applying the correct Category and Context will ensure that the template will be available for use in the right places in Animana. If the combination is incorrect, you might not see the template. Here is a list of the right combinations and where the text message can be used:

CategoryContextWill only be shown when
Client file SMSClient Fileadding this text message to a client file.
Patient file SMSPatient Fileadding this text message to a patient file.
Mailing text messageMailingthe text message send option will be selected in the Mailing page.
Reminder text messageRemindersending a text message through a reminder.
Appointment text messageAppointmentsending an appointment reminder via text message throught the diary list view.
Debtors text messageDebtorssending a text message to debtors via Extra > Financial > Debtors.

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