Worklist – Print Letter

The print letter option allows you to print a one-off letter.


By default, the current date is automatically selected, however you may select a past or future date for the letter.

Choose a template

Animana ASP supports both email and letter templates, these are discussed in a later chapter. If you have any templates defined in the system, you can choose this via the select template drop-down, you will see the text from the template appear in the text box.
TIP: Letter templates are defined in Extra> Mailing> Manage Content> Letter. You can add a new ‘letter’ or form here.

Enter a Subject

Entering a subject for your letter will help the reader identify the topic of the letter

Enter message text

Whether you have chosen a template of not, you can type you email message in the text box. Note that you can use the formatting tools to edit the look of the letter.

Print Header and Footer

By default, your default header and footer (Extra> General Settings> Letter Header Administration), will be included on your letter, if you wish to omit ?? this just click no.

Save your letter

Once your message is complete, click save to save the letter and return to the client file, or save and print to save and go to a print-preview page.

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