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On this page, you’ll find all our help resources regarding how to take payments in Animana.

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Creating a new payment

Amending or refunding a payment

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Frequently asked questions

What is R & B?
“R & B” stands for “Round and Book difference”.

If you wish to round the payment of an invoice, select this checkbox. When selected, the “Paid Now” amount will automatically be rounded to the nearest 5p. If you enter a manual amount which is more than 50p different from the “Paid now” amount, the difference will be shown in red. When ticked, all differences will be booked to a special ledger for payment differences.

Where does the payment description appear?

If a payment description is added when “No Payment” is selected, then the description will appear in the client file as a note prefixed with “No payment”, so it’s clear that the customer has not yet paid.. If you do not see it, ensure the “note” category checkbox is enabled in the filters at the top.

If a payment description is added when a payment is made, then the description will appear in the client file against the payment. If you do not see it, ensure the “payment” category checkbox is enabled in the filters at the top.

Is there a limit to the length of the payment description?
Yes, the payment description is limited to 140 characters.
Where do I find more invoice information in the payment screen?

Click the arrow next to an invoice row to see exactly what products and services are included in that invoice. Each invoice line will specify the date, product name, patient, quantity, price, VAT and total.

Any historical payments made against that invoice are specified below that and will show the payment date, time, payment type and transaction amount.

How do I select/unselect all invoices?
To select (or unselect) all invoices, use the checkbox toggle in the top left of the table, next to the “Invoice Number” heading.
How do I email invoices from the payment screen?

Select the appropriate invoices from the payment screen, and click the Invoice

email button.

My payment seems to be saved twice, how is that possible?

There is a scenario where a payment can be saved twice. This only happens if the invoice payment is open and saved in 2 browser tabs at the same time. We recommend working in 1 browser tab to avoid problems with duplicate saving or overwriting of already saved data. With the appropriate permission it’s possible to remove the duplicated payment or book a credit payment to correct this mistake.

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Updated on 14 September 2023

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